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"Olmeca is a 21st century Shaman.  Partly, responsible for Bilingual music being a thing..."


“…(Olmeca) is providing an example of how musicians and artists effectively use their gifts …Olmeca is one of just a small few in this generation …


"Bilingual hip-hop artist and human rights activist Olmeca educates, empowers, and inspires through his cognizant lyrics and widely appealing sound."


"Even if you can't speak Spanish, the vast array of flows and the surprising production techniques are just as rewarding to the listener..."


"Olmeca's music is prolific..."  


"Olmeca gives us a glimpse into the world of musical activism." 

"Musical genius Olmeca genre-blends correctly in ‘Define.  The outstanding Latinx musician is one to watch, for sure."


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"...In a nutshell, this anthem is about reflecting on the integral part Latinos play in the economy, culture, and well being of the United States, as bi-cultural individuals. “The Message” puts forth the decree that it’s time to step up and re-examine representation in media, absence in Census gathering, and need for assimilation..."


I post about my life so that you may know the motivation behind the music.