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Noisey Magazine states, “Olmeca is a shaman of the 21st century with vast experience in the unknown… An artist directly responsible for rap in Spanglish being a thing today.”  A descendant of the Tepehuan peoples of Mexico, Olmeca was born in L.A. a reality that brewed his artistry and identity.  His artistry explores the complexities of radicalized America, Latinx futures, Indigenous Diaspora generational trauma, and the notion of belonging.


Olmeca Music Videos
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Olmeca - THE MESSAGE (el mensaje) Official Video
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Olmeca - El Solitario (Official Music Video)
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Olmeca - La Balacera
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Olmeca - Define (Official Music Video)
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Olmeca - Por El Suelo (Official Music Video)
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Olmeca - MAKE IT RIGHT (Díle) (Official Music Video)
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Olmeca - Can't Sleep ft. Bambu (Official Music Video)
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Olmeca - Browning of America (Official Music Video)
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"...In a nutshell, this anthem is about reflecting on the integral part Latinos play in the economy, culture, and well being of the United States, as bi-cultural individuals. “The Message” puts forth the decree that it’s time to step up and re-examine representation in media, absence in Census gathering, and need for assimilation..."

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